Welcome to the Sacred Gyre Podcast, Staying connected to your deepest values as you work for change

Episode 2. What do I mean by deepest values? In the context of working to make the world a better place, I mean how would you want everyone to be treated if those values that you believe in were at the heart of the culture we live in? How do you speak to people? How do people speak to each other?

What do they do when they interact with each other? Someone who adheres to one of the world's great religions might refer to God's love and more. Specific values might flow from that belief. For myself, I've had a deep experience of being held by an infinite beingness. It felt like love far beyond what we understand as love as humans,

and it felt like a knowingness that transcended our ability to gain knowledge or know things. And the center of my experience was of that love and to offer to be that love, in my own life. I am a transgender woman.

That means, first of all, letting go of the self hate that had been drummed into me from childhood. And after that, I made a commitment to assuming that everyone meant well, that they were trying to do the right thing, even when I deeply disagreed with what they said or did. Now, my dad did not believe in God, and variously described himself as an agnostic or an atheist.

But he had a deep belief in the importance of being kind to other people, and it was a responsibility for him to make the world a better place through the Boy Scouts, or the local school board, for example. It came out of his connection to his family and a heartfelt connection to the society in which he grew up.

I don't remember him using the word love specifically, but he definitely talked about kindness, the responsibility to treat each other in that way. Whatever your personal beliefs, I think most people see themselves as a part of something larger, and that that connection is embedded with beliefs, with values about how everyone should treat each other,

and would if the world were a more perfect place. The conversation I'm inviting you into is about how you stay connected to those values when you feel afraid or anxious, or you believe that wrongs will be done if your side doesn't win.

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