Dorie Clark on Stand Out find your idea, turn obstacles into strengths and meet the world
    Fei Wu

    The way that I got my book deal, if you trace it back, it's because I sold my bike on Craigslist. When is it a good idea to quit your job? Like pretty much never. Why would I consciously make the choice to cut off the steady stream of income and then go into total uncertainty? If you frame it like that, you're probably never gonna do it because it sounds horrible.

    If you are different in some way, you know, if you're a woman or if you're Asian, or if you're a big butch lesbian or whatever, in the early stages, yes, it will make it. To advance because they talk about this a lot in Silicon Valley, that there's a, you know, a pattern recognition problem. However, if you are able and willing to persevere beyond that and you actually do manage to break in and get known, then you are going to be disproportionately visible and disproportionately memorable, because in fact, you stand.

    Hello, my little munchkins. This is Fei Wu, and I am the host and creator of my podcast called Phase World. Welcome to another episode of my podcast, and today you will meet Dory Clark. How did I discover her? You might ask. So basically in the past year or so, I find myself increasingly attached through audiobook because I take public transportation, basically.

    It's called the MBTA in Boston a lot. It's sometimes very oftentimes very crowded, very loud and challenged to be holding a book and one of my new year resolution. Uh, which has been sort of the goal every year is to read more. And one of the books that I discovered recently, not only spoke to me emotionally, but really offered tactics I'm able to apply daily, especially during the preparation and the making of Face World Podcast.

    Dory is the author of the book. One of my new favorites is called Standout. There's a very important and useful idea not found in her book that you will hear on this podcast. Unlike seeking advice from the world's top 1% of the people who have established a system that really worked well for them 10, 20, or even 30 years ago, the landscape has really changed a lot.

    So instead, Dory painted a path that's so recent and relevant to people like you and me who want to stand. Build a personal brand and a legacy that matters in today's crowded marketplace filled with numerous influencers, products, information. So you might ask, how can you even get started? Well, Dori made this very easy by offering you a free standout self-assessment guide to do exactly that, and that is available for you to download on dory

    D o r i. C L A r One more thing before you jump right into the podcast. I wanna personally thank you all my listeners for supporting me in the past eight months. Uh, the first release of my podcast was on October 29th, I believe, 2014. I have always enjoyed seeing your comments on my blog on Facebook, but please just take a few seconds to a minute to consider a review on iTunes.

    It will really help recognize my podcast and make it more searchable for other listeners and future. I have also signed up for a Google Voice number. 8 0 3 5 9 7 24 18 for you to leave a message. This way, I will be able to share your feedback directly live on my podcast on future shows. Whether to review your name or not is completely up to you.

    Just let me know. Without further ado, please welcome my very special guest today, Dory Clark.

    Some may have already heard of you from me and, um, you know, discovered your presence on the internet. Um, but do you mind kind of just at a high level introducing yourself so they know who I'm speaking with?

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