TEASER Executive Producer & Photographer at The CAKE Collective Talks Beer And Balut | S9 E2 Kevin Lee, Guest Host Mischa Smith


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So CAKE, the original name was just CAKE and I tagged on the word Collective because I felt like there was a huge energy of collaboration here. You know, people have that tendency to want to work with one another. So I went like, okay, why don't we put the word collective in there because I don't want CAKE to just be about photography.

I think it was the energy of the people and the people I got to meet and work with for that one week I was here and I pretty much instantly fell in love with the country and the city that we all know as Saigon.

So coming to Saigon for the first time, seven years ago was like great. You know, my first beer was in Pasteur Street and I had my first Jasmine IPA, I'm like, what the hell is going on with the Jasmine IPA? What Jasmine IPA. Oh my God, what's this? Yeah, I was totally blown away

So one of the things that my friends would ask me is how is it like living in a communist country? Is it very restrictive? Is it like you are constantly being surveiled? Like come on. Vietnam's not like that. It's more kind of like wild west where almost almost anything goes.


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