Daily Zoom for Tuesday December 6th
By Ernie Varitimos
December 7, 2022
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Daily Zoom for Tuesday December 6th

All right,

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All right. Early this morning I had put on this, not both of these but this fly that's at centered at 39 80. Cuz I thought it was going down and I got a good price on it. And then when the market opened and it dropped, I added this one here. And while I was doing that, cause I felt okay, we're gonna be going down further to create kind of a Batman trade.

And I got good pricing on that. Not bad pricing, not great, but not bad. So my standard when I'm putting on these trades is all pretty much the same. I look at it as a a singular out of the money butterfly that has Aris to reward between seven and eight and 20 wide. And so that's basically what I put on.

And the Batman is nothing more than just two of those. That's all. That's all the Batman is. Now you can put the Batman on. Either this is the way I look at this. You can put a Batman on with both sides at the same time and at the money if you want. Or you can turn a trade into a Batman if you feel like there's a significant risk of price moving, further down and get your pricing that way.

And that's the case of what I did. I actually put the first trade on very early this morning and then I put this one on after the market opened, the second one on the lower one.

So this morning in our Discord, I was trying to show that, the the regular out of the money butterfly is still like my preferred strategy. And that all the other strategies that we're currently looking at, the Batman, the Cat Woman is something brand new. You probably haven't seen it much. Dan Smith has been showing me some of his testing with it, very minimal testing, and he likes it. He thought it was cool. And I, I'm not advocating that at all.

The Batman trade I do advocate because it's really no different than the original out of the money butterfly that I've always put on. The only difference is that, you can, you could put it on as a secondary trade or you can put it on both of 'em on it the exact same time in a directionless manner.

And I like the directionless trade. Now because of the current market conditions, and that's one of the reasons why I wanted to start moving towards the Batman trade and putting it on as a unit. But I guess what I'm trying to say here is that it doesn't necessarily have to go on as a unit.

For instance, in a situation like this morning had I not woken up at two o'clock in the morning, I probably wouldn't have put the trade on, the initial fly. I thought, okay, that I get a good price on this. It looks like the market's drifting down. So I put that on and price went right through it on, at the open.