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    But where it has a particularly negative impact is, On the work that advanced the interests of the whole sector in terms of reform of regulation that affects the sector or the creation of a home in government.


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    We, over the last few years, we've been experiencing a number of situations where organizations have drawn unwanted attention. A pattern that has emerged when looking at these situations has been questions about their governance practices. These range from overly complex structures to issues about what the board knew and when to the influence of founders with trust.

    Being at the heart of the relationship between Canadians and charities and nonprofits. Uncertainty about the sector's governance practices is concerning. We're joined today by Eve svo Eve's a longtime leader in our sector, having most recently been with Heart and Stroke and the Ms. Society of Canada.

    Currently Eve is a strategy and governance advisor specializing in working with the nonprofit sector. Eve is also a former chair of the Imagine Canada Standards. Council Eve, thank you so much for accepting our invitation.


    Thank you very much. You're most welcome.


    So we're gonna kick off by just setting the stage a little bit.

    The last few years have seen too many media reports that have called our sector's governance into question whether it's justified or not. A few organizations that have been under scrutiny for their governance practices. We charities an example, hockey Canada's another, and more recently the Trudeau Foundation.

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