Whole Grain Episode 2 Transcript
Jim Lenz - Host

Coming up is the conversation I had with the leadership of the world's largest professional association, dedicated to the advancement of the grain handling and processing industry. You'll find out from them what makes this network so special. We'll also discuss what they see as the leading challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

And they'll give you great insights in the biggest and best show in the industry and do you know where it will be held for the next five plus years. You'll find out. And have you heard about the GEAPS Media group? Let's go.

Hey folks. Welcome to our second show of Whole Grain. My name is Jim Lenz, your host and director of training and education at GEAPS where the mission of the grain elevator and processing society is about people and information and knowledge. And the mission of the industry is about feeding the world. Thanks for listening today, and for joining the network of thousands of other grain handling and processing professionals across a globe taking strategic steps to grow professionally. The whole grain show will give you the competitive advantage to win at work so you can make more of an impact. In today's show, we'll have a fun discussion with two amazing leaders of the organization. That's right! You'll get to hear not only from Steve Records, executive director of GEAPS and CEO of GEAPS Media Group, but also from Chris Blair. Shortly after this conversation was recorded, chris was promoted to a new position at NEW Cooperative. He now serves as western district manager and oversees five area managers. New cooperative has grown rapidly over the last seven years as they now have 800 employees at their 60 locations in the great state of Iowa. Congratulations to NEW Cooperative and congratulations to Chris Blair on his new role at NEW Cooperative.

Now with a new fiscal year comes new leadership. GEAPS was happy to announce in July of this year. Chris Blair as GEAPS board president. He's from the GEAPS greater, Iowa chapter, and has been a member of GEAPS for 15 years. Wow! The year 2022 is certainly a special year for Chris.

All right today, we welcome Steve Records. GEAPS executive director and our new GEAP's international board president Chris Blair to the show. It's great to connect. Thanks for being on the show. I'm looking forward to the conversation.

Steve Records

Thanks, Jim. Great to be here.

Chris Blair

Thanks, it's a pleasure to be part of something like this.

Jim Lenz - Host

Well, Steve and Chris, we're excited about using this new GEAPS podcast channel as an additional way for you to connect with our members, as well as many others in the grain elevator and grain processing industry. It's an opportunity to share your excitement about GEAPS and how we can best serve them.

To allow our listeners to get to know you a bit and to add some perspective and positive spirit, Steve and Chris, I thought it would be a neat to try something here. Could you share with our listeners, a professional mantra or success quote that you live by.

Chris Blair

There's a lot of people that know me and, and kind of my, my laid back demeanor. There's kind of a reason for that. One of the things I kind of go by is I, I learn to sit back and observe and that not everything needs an immediate reaction. So that's kind of how, you know, my demeanor is perceived. I guess I do like to sit back and listen and you know, come up with a decision or something by observing people and, and what they, they say and usually immediate reaction. Isn't something that usually turns out well.

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