Felipa Carlson
By Witness Collaborative
March 21, 2022
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Felipa Carlson

I remember, um, Marcos is, uh, Marcos is killing a lot of student demonstration, and all that stuff. And then, not only that, they hit, they been arrested, most of those professor that, that connected to the, uh, political science and some others that, and that's, um, that's, you know, Benigno Aquino is one of them, that got arrested and beaten. The rest of them are getting killed.

And, I remember there is one in Indang, Cavite, running, um, as a politician, but it's again, Marcos people. You know, it, in two days or something, he's dead. It's so, so getting very ugly over there. Anywhere, anywhere he goes, they got someone getting killed, disappearing, and all that stuff.

You don't even know where it came from, and all that. So, um, during the time that I was studying at Saint Columban College, what happened then is that, I was, uh, at the dormitory by the time my mother show up. She came and told me that, um, they're no longer living in, in their own house. And she was sobbing and she start crying that they lost everything that they had.

I said, what do you mean? What do you mean, you lost everything? She said they, they left everything in the house, and everything, because, uh, they, uh, they are under surveillance. That's what my mother said. And, that three of my uncles was in prison in Campo Olivas, Pampanga. It is until now a military base where most of those Filipinos who got arrested being in prison.

How could that be, I said. Um, they are, they are back in Cavite. The, there is a shootout between the military and, uh, the NPA, that's New People's Army. Um, three commanders died. So, um, my mother, while they're hiding, and all that stuff, uh, they are awaiting for, um, my uncles to come out.

I remember when I was, I went back to school, and everything and, uh, I was, there is a church over there. I go over there before and after school and begging, I don't need anything. I said I just want my uncles to be, to be out of Campo Olivas. That's the military base over there before. And then things pass by, I mean, for about almost three months. So I said, well, maybe it's really time for me to move on. So I did.

I, uh, I went while I'm working. I didn't let anybody know, except Ate Lilly, uh, to, uh, apply for, apply for the passport. You know, you get a passport and then you get all this, security clearance, and this and that. And I'm up there. After that, I was surprised. I got a note from the U.S. Embassy, because I got interviewed. I was awaiting for my time to go over here, to United States.