Bisila Bokoko: Finding Your Authentic Self
    Fei Wu

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    Bisila Bokoko

    I just feel the audience and you have to come up from your heart, and not everything was a path of roses. It is always up and downs, but when you have something to say and you come from that authentic place, nobody really cares.

    The biggest fear that we have is failure. No, not be good enough, but who is the judge here? You know? Because sometimes we feel that it's the outside wall, but in reality, we are. We are the real judge having, when you give up, you fail. But before to give up, you could not fail because it's part of your journey.

    So just because you took the wrong decision, so things don't go the way you want, doesn't mean that it's failure. It's part of your.

    It's beautiful to just be present and we try to always live in the future. I will do this when I have this. I will do that when I have this. And then you're always trying to find the perfect moment to do something. Moment is now. Just go with the things that you have now.

    Fei Wu

    Dear Phase World podcast listeners, this is your host, Faye w, and welcome to a brand new episode of the Phase World Podcast. Today I'm joined by Bela Bocco, who is a Spanish American business woman and entrepreneur. There's not only one right way to succeed, she tells you simply to just go for it. Today she has over 200,000 fans on Facebook and 75 unique visitors to her website each month.

    She has kids and she travels around the world for her work. Can women have both a life and a career? I am excited to introduce a number of powerful career and passion driven women to the show in the upcoming weeks. BESLA or bb? For you millennials out there who prefer this nickname, BB calls herself a cultural hybrid.

    I was born in Spain. Two African parents became an American citizen, and had been living in New York City for the last 15 years. She worked at I V E X. Valencia Institute of Export is a regional trade agency for six years. I V E X promotes internationalization of Valencia companies. There. She developed and implemented marketing strategies for these companies to market their products in the us.

    And in the following seven years, BI worked for the Spain US Chamber of Commerce as the executive director. The Chamber is a private US nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering trade and investment relationships between Spain and the United States. Then there is bici, Bocco Embassy International, a company founded and run by her.

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