#31 Ordinal Honey Badgers - Make Bitcoin Fun Again with AKVA
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    Hello and welcome to Defire the Crypto podcast that's packed with more exciting stories than your single friends after the spring break. Today's episode is a bit different. Instead of talking to an already successful founder, we are diving into a brand new project. It's all about NFTs on Bitcoin and they are called Ordinals.

    This topic has been causing quite a stir in the Bitcoin community with some people loving it and others hating it. Our guests today, AKVA, is definitely on the love-it side.

    I remember, man, I need to run a full node because I want to shit post on the Bitcoin blockchain basically.

    He and his friends have launched a 10,000 piece NFT project featuring pixelated Honey Badgers that are currently selling for around $15.

    Honey Badgers, as you just heard in the intro, are the perfect spirit animal for Bitcoin enthusiasts they are fearless, resourceful, and incredibly resilient just like Bitcoin. So sit back and enjoy our conversation with AKVA. But before we get started, we have a quick word from our sponsor.

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