Sarah Cooper Behind the Scenes with the Creator of “10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings”
    Fei Wu

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    Couldn't take my job that seriously. I think it helped me actually get through the meetings and it actually helped me, like people wanted to be in a meeting with me because I just was always cracking jokes and you know. Me,

    what can I do to fit in in this, in this tech world? What can I do to fit in in this meeting and make people think that, you know, I know what I'm talking about.

    That's kind of been like the heart of my comedy in these set of unspoken rules that these societies have because as an immigrant, you are coming into it from a different perspective. You're sort of observing it and trying to understand.

    It's hard as a comedian to sort of balance the fact that jobs are important to people with the fact that we can still make fun of them a little bit, you know, we can still have fun with them and often. Actually learned something too. You know,


    Sarah Cooper

    just so hard to start from zero, but you just have to remember everyone starts from zero and all you have to do is just keep going and keep trying cuz that's kind of what we're all doing as we're just trying, you know.

    Fei Wu

    Hi everyone, this is FA W and I am your host for the Face World Podcast. Every week I interview a chosen song or unsung heroes and dissect their lifestyles and their tactics, resources you can use right away to improve your life. Well, this week I wanna welcome Sarah Cooper to the Face World Podcast.

    Sarah is a writer, comedian, and creator of satirical blog, the cooper, which attracts more than 500,000 page views per. Her work has appeared on the Washington Post Fast Company, business Insider and the Huffington Post. Sarah has over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, including Yahoo, Google, before leading to her first viral article called 10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings.

    Her first book, a hundred Tricks to Appear Smart In Meetings will be published on October 4th, 2016. Besides writing, Sarah speaks about adding humor to your writing, and she performed standup comedy around San Francisco. Discovering Sarah's work and interviewing her on Face World was a journey on its own from a job at a graphic design agency as a receptionist to a designer at a different agency to three years at Yahoo before transitioning back to an acting career, to then $20,000 in debt before a friend Refers Sarah to land a job as a design manager at Google, where she also met the love of her.

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