3. New Vision for Safety with Casey Abel
    Jim Lenz

    Coming up is a very interesting and memorable conversation I had with a regional safety manager. Wait till you find out what singular event caused a change in trajectory in his career path. It's a story you don't want to miss. Today, he is completely immersed in the safety of his colleagues in the workplace.

    We'll discuss how he is implementing what he refers to as a new vision for safety in his organization. I know it's a growing conversation by GEAPS members who are safety leaders for their organization. You may have heard others call it Safety 2.0. If you are looking for tips on how to begin changing the culture of safety in your organization, this shows for you.

    Hey folks. Welcome back. Welcome to Whole Grain. My name is Jim Lenz, your host and director of training and education at GEAPS where the mission of the Green Elevator and Processing Society is about people, information and knowledge, and the mission of the industry is about feeding the world. Thanks for listening today and for joining the network of thousands of other grain handling and processing professionals across a globe, taking strategic steps to grow professionally.

    The Whole Grain show will give you the competitive advantage to win at work so you can make more of an impact. In today's show, we have an inspirational and important safety message to discuss. It's not only taking place in the grain industry, but so many other industries as well. Our special guest for today is Casey Abel.

    Casey is out of Texas. He's a regional safety manager at Gavalon Group. Casey joined GEAPS in 2019 and was elected in 2021 as a GEAPS International Board director. He's part of an emerging group of safety professionals rethinking how they look at safety. You'll develop in understanding what this new vision is about.

    How do you begin implementing this with your organization? We'll examine what this might look like from an organizational perspective in terms of implementation and just as important, what does execution look like daily in terms of conversations with individual colleagues. You know, as a reflect back on this conversation with Casey, I think his philosophy in simple terms is he wants everyone in his organization to feel and act as safety leaders.

    Everyone has a voice and are there to support the good of the organization, but most importantly, he wants his colleagues, he wants his work family to be able to attend their daughter's soccer game at night or their son's little league game, or play basketball in the driveway. I think that's what this episode is about.

    We're talking transforming safety culture. Next, let's get started.

    All right, today we Casey Abel, Safety Manager at the Glan Grain in Texas. He is also one of our esteemed directors of the GEAPS International Board. It's great to connect with you, Casey. I'm looking forward to the conversation. Thanks for being on the show.

    Casey Abel

    Yeah, thanks for having me. I'm excited about it and excited what you're doing with the podcast here. It keeps, I think they're gonna great.

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