Sex Coach From A Religious, Conservative Upbringing | Selena Luong S9 E7


Niall Mackay

Welcome to season nine of a Vietnam podcast, sharing the stories of people connected to Vietnam. My name's Niall Mackay, and I've been hosting this podcast since 2019. And I've been living in Vietnam since 2016. I wanted to know more about the people that are connected to Vietnam, Vietnamese and foreigners in Vietnam are around the world and share their.

So my guest today is a gen Z Siese. She was raised in a conservative and religious family without a proper sex education. After a lot of struggles with her own sex life, it is now her mission to become a sex love and relationship coach, to encourage more open conversations about sex and pleasure. Her biggest goal in her career as a sex coach is to be able to help sexually abuse victims.

Take back the fulfilling sex life they deserve after traumas today, we're gonna talk about being a sex loving relationship coach in Vietnam, normalizing conversations around sex and how the young Vietnamese can be given a different perspective about sex and unlearn. Everything that patriarchal society has taught my guest today is Lina alone.

Selena Luong

Hi, thank you for having me.

Niall Mackay

So this is the first ever offsite. A Vietnam podcast interview. Awesome. And in my rush to be here, I forgot one of the microphone cables. So we are currently sharing one microphone in the coffee shop in the block. So forgive us for this, but we hope this sound quality is still amazing.

Forgive us for this. Forgive me for this. Selena has nothing to do with this. So Selena let's get right into it. Tell us more about being a sex love and relationship coach in Vietnam.

Selena Luong

Okay, thank you. So, first, I would like to say hello to everybody who's listening. And second of all, I'm a sex love and relationship coach in training, which means I'm expecting to get my certification somewhere next year.

And yeah. So that's what I'm doing here. And, besides, sex love and relationship coaching, I'm also a marketing and event executive, and I'm also a sex dance instructor. So yeah, that's what I'm doing. And well, it's a taboo in Vietnam is I think it's a taboo, every. In the word, when people mention sex, they'd be like, what?

Yeah. And you've introduced me. I grew up in such a very conservative and traditional family that my parents didn't mention anything about sex. And two, I have my first boyfriend, they would be like, don't get pregnant. And. And that's it. And they didn't even border to tell me how to not to get pregnant, you know?

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