*** VSL TAKE 3 ***
By Jack Campbell
September 5, 2022
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*** VSL TAKE 3 ***
BANGING HOOK (the story is 9m loooong but it's quite gripping so it could work)

I was there just all the lights out with a knife on my hand

and in that moment, seconds away from getting out of this life, I felt a deep gut feeling of no

longer gap


I can say the first unconscious trauma that I lived in my life was when my parents divorced. I was two years old.

then at seven years old I was abused and, um, I even enjoyed it. It was something that felt good for me in the moment, but when it was traumatized in my body was when I realized how bad it was


At 16 years old, I was lifting 425 pounds in squat and all I heard was something popping in my knees