Caitie Whelan (Part 1): Attention to What Matters
    Fei Wu

    Welcome to the Phase World Podcast, engaging conversations that cross the boundaries between business, art and the digital world.

    Hi everyone. This is Fa Woo, and I am the creator of Face World Podcast. To remind you, face World is a platform where I ignite son and unsung heroes from all walks of life. So about every two weeks, I feature a new special guest and help tell his or her story for the first time or second, third time, with a different lens, different angle.

    But why phase world? It's about how people think and how they choose to live their lives. Just because we are free doesn't mean we think and live freely. Just because we are rich, we're wealthy financially doesn't mean we are pursuing an authentic, happy, and fulfilling life. Everyone has such a different approach in answering the same questions.

    Not every person has yet succeeded or reached their goal. Many are still in the trenches, still trying to figure things out. So what I call these conversations to be moments of courage, I feel so privileged to be there with. Sometimes there are tactics, tools, quotes, that are easy to take away, but there are also tips and advice that have to come out of a more extended and intimate conversation.

    It takes a few pauses, struggles to get to the truth, get to the bottom, the truth of why some people forget everything and run versus some people face everything and rise today on phase world. I would like to welcome Katie Whe. Katie is the Noter in chief for the Lightning Notes, a website that delivers short daily posts to help us move the world forward.

    It features striking stories and great ideas to remind us that we matter. Improving the world is our matter. Katie is not a writer by trade. We're training not long ago in fact, that she was a senior foreign policy advisor in Congress. After four years of working there, she decided it was time to take a dream deferred and put it out into the world.

    In part one of my interview with Katie, we explore a life well lived in DC including what it was like to work on Capitol Hill and be in the trenches with other people day in and day. We had the opportunity to dive into Katie's routine and daily life as a senior foreign policy advisor, too. A profession I knew nothing about before I spoke with her.

    Par one is also when you experience a sliver of Katie's desire in figuring out what she wanted to do next. This is what I consider a foundation piece before we jump to part two. So in part two, we unveil the journey of Katie's moving from DC to Brooklyn New. Transitioning from a comfortable life and vias career stable income to what she calls a total white belt.

    Katie discovered the magic of having abundance in other parts of her life, such as creativity, inspiration, entrepreneurship. Speaking of inspiration, Katie gives a lot of credit to the one and only Mary Oliver. Mary is a poet, a writer, and has written everything people already talked about, but Mary said that she pays very, very close attention to the world.

    In the lightning note, Katie captivates people, places, and things that move her and help her become her better self. So without further ado, please welcome Katie in part one of our interview. Enjoy.

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