Gentrification in Mexico City fact or Propaganda
By Michael Ortega
September 5, 2022
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Gentrification in Mexico City fact or Propaganda

Hi, I'd like to welcome you to another episode of Yo Soy. We could be found at and make sure to join us and buy our products so that we can prosper and have more money to share our thoughts and ideas and do more productions. We are based out of Mexico city and, we do have a guest host, who also works with me.

Unfortunately, he's out. And I wanted to discuss a little bit subject matter. That's been happening on social media lately called gentrification in Mexico city. The reason I wanna bring this subject up is because I find that in reality, it's really not happening in Mexico city, as people are describing it.

In fact, I was part of city council in Portland, Oregon, which we actually worked on a gentrification project for two and a half years. I was actually a business owner. I owned cafes in Portland, Oregon. And they brought me on the board at city council to discuss the issues and try to solve the gentrification issue that they felt was happening in the gay area.

In conclusion, what I really discovered was happening in Portland was not gentrification. What was happening was a business people trying to figure out what to do with their investments and how to move forward and the perception in the gay community that they had no choices or alternatives to move.

Luckily in that committee, the one of the steering committee members became the mayor, that also became the governor and also during the time. So it was great working with the great team discussing this issue. Now, living in Mexico city, I'm finding the gentrification issues squander up again, and I'm really fascinated by it this time, as I'm looking at it from a different.

I'm not looking at it, just from a lens of what I think I'm looking at it from what I saw in the past and how I'm seeing it happening today. What I'm seeing happening today in Mexico city is quite different than what I would call gentrification. What we do is we have a lot of people coming from the United States, different parts of country coming to, to immigrate, to United, to Mexico.

And whether they're using the nomad laws or they're different other things, it is all the same as far as their concerned in the Mexican. Mexico people who are, living in Mexico, they're frustrated, especially the younger generation 20 to 35 year olds, because their housing is just out of control. It's out of control because this current mayor Claudia shine bomb, who is a globalist, who was part of the UN, who went to USC, who came from a very wealthy family, who actually is married to a person that they say is actually quite.

As a politician. And what happens here is we have a dynamic where housing is allowed to be happened in Mexico city. Gentrification is happening because those housings people can't afford. So think about that for a second. The reason why these new housing developments are happening in Mexico city is to bring money into the economy.

So the logic is if we bring money into the account, into the economy, then it helps all Mexican. . But if that money that's coming into the economy, isn't supporting the local community, meaning that money is coming in from outside sources. Then that is nothing for the Mexican economy, except for the one or two shops.

Because those housing that are coming into Mexico city are not afforded by everybody clearly. And families aren't coming into Mexico city. City's just investors. People wanted to use it for Airbnb and because they're nice units, et cetera. for example, let me give you an example. I actually live in a very nice complex.