Episode 90: Kathryn Garforth, Ph. D.
By Cameron Suorsa
January 18, 2022
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Episode 90: Kathryn Garforth, Ph. D.
Mothers of Misfits

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Emily Melious

Welcome back everybody. So glad you are here and joining us for another episode of the Mothers of Misfits podcast. Excited to have a conversation today about dyslexia, a topic we haven't covered yet on the podcast with Kathryn Garforth. She is an educational consultant and interventionists based out of British Columbia.

She helps families understand their child's unique learning profile and then design an intervention to meet their child's unique learning needs. She also helps on the flip side of things, helping teachers do the same with their students. Kathryn, thanks for coming on.

Kathryn Garforth

Thanks for having me.

Emily Melious

Yeah, this is I'm. I'm just extremely curious about this topic, cause I don't get a chance to talk about it very often.

And. What's really neat is that you're not just a professional expert on dyslexia. This is a part of your story.

Kathryn Garforth's personal journey with dyslexia

So can you talk first about your own journey and diagnosis and experience, uh, as being a dyslexic?

Kathryn Garforth

Sure. So I really struggled in school. Uh, learning to read not a natural process and it needs to be done explicitly for her. Some kids, and I was definitely one of those kids who was failing in the system, with a program that wasn't designed for learning needs. So I struggled. And finally, by grade three, someone mentioned the fact of a learning disability to my parents, and they looked into it deeper and grade four, I got a diagnosis of dyslexia.

And I started receiving one-on-one Orton-Gillingham tutoring, which started to make progress. And then the school was removed my support in grade five and I hit