How can I integrate UPS and Fishbowl? / What is the best way to close a vendor out of Fishbowl? / How can I hold an account special transaction report?

Any tips? Get the UPS guy to come out on site. This is more of an IT moment than anything, mapping all the fields once it's up and running, it's lovely.

You're going to have to reconcile it, whether the vendor actually gives you a bill or not. Okay. And that gets. into QuickBooks as a bill, and I dunno which QuickBooks you're using. In QuickBooks desktop, fishbowl sends over an item receipt, and then after you reconcile the bill, it deletes the item receipt and replaces it with the bill in QuickBooks Online.

Fishbowl sends over a journal entry to a crew for the item, and then once you reconcile it, it reverses that journal entry and replaces it with a bill.

I would go ahead and reconcile it, bring it into QuickBooks and set they, due date for payable out way into the future. And at your end, if it looks like the vendor like giving you stuff, great. I would take that into come and live happily ever after. Perfect. And then we are down, oh, sorry.

You don't wanna leave them open for months because that just messes up your ability to close the period.

And for all those people using QuickBooks online and have this thing called a holding account we wrote a special transaction report just for you guys. So the right answers to this prompt are all, and this tells me exactly what the balance of my holding account should be, so that I have something to reconcile to and keep QuickBooks online.

It also should equal my unbuild, my item receipts over in QuickBooks Desktop. But because I can pull that report based upon the item type, I didn't have a need to write this when we were just doing desktop, but now that we're doing qbo, this is important.