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    Mr. Watts

    Welcome back to another episode of Our Faculty Spotlight. I'm Mr. Watts. Hi,

    Dr. Healey

    I'm Dr. Healy, and with us today is Ms. Badal. Ms. Badal, and you teach?

    Emily Badal

    I teach earth science and Oceanography.

    Dr. Healey

    Awesome. And this is your first year at Colgan? Yes. It. It's not just your first year at Colgan, but your first year as a teacher.

    As a teacher. Oh, wow. I remember those days. You remember those days. Dr. Healey? Uh, no. . . Yeah. You do You always remember your first year teaching? I mean, All the ups and downs with everything. But let's start this. Let's start with you telling our audience a little bit about yourself, uh, professionally, personally, whatever you're comfortable sharing.

    Okay. And kind of about your journey of arriving here as a teacher at Colgan High School.

    Emily Badal

    Okay. So I don't know. I don't know if anyone else who works at Colgan has like quite the same story as. So I, I went to the University of Mary Washington. Um, I graduated with my bachelor's in environmental science and then I went back for my master's and I got my last master's last spring.

    Um, I had my Master's of Education, and it was through my master's program that I've wound up here at Colgan. So, and it was kind of like when I first saw that I got assigned Colgan, I was kind of like, like, oh man, because I really wanted middle school. I was like, I was set on sixth grade, That's what I wanted to teach.

    And I don't know if there were just no like, openings in the county, but somehow I got placed here at Colgan for my, uh, internship. And so when I saw that, I was like, Oh. And I was like, Okay. But I mean, I've like, you know, cuz I grew up in Prince William County. Mm-hmm. . So I've, um, I went to school in Prince William County, so you.

    I've heard about Colgan and all that, so I was like, Okay. Do you wanna share where you went to high school? I went to Forest Park High School. Forest Park. I graduated in

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