Product | Adding products manually [Final]
By Luc Hillege
January 24, 2022
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Product | Adding products manually [Final]

Hi there, I'm Luc Hillege from Ecochain. Today I'll be giving Video tutorial on how you can enter products into Ecochain It's meant for beginning users that want to add product items into the eco chain environment how do we do this First Go to the product page You can do that by pressing get started Right here Now you're in the product page And you would have to to the The next tab which is called products once you entered the product screen you see that you can enter a lot of details You can also check the box Box advanced And then you see a lot less details that you can enter take this simple example first Enter a product name We're still using the concrete plant as an example At At the product you would like Concrete mix one Here you have option to select product type, leave it at goods and services.

the product units enter. Enter a product unit. And in the case of concrete, The typical functional unit is one cubicle meter.

And. Concrete. Usually weighs between twenty two hundred and twenty five hundred kilograms. Per cubicle meter. Just entering. During the Mount. for this example, I would say 22. 150 kilograms. Per cubicle meter. And then of course the green button. To add the product.

Here we go.

Scroll down below. And you can see. The concrete mix that has been added. your product page, you have one result now. So the second step is to, add. Additional products details into the product information. So let's go up again.

It's really easy. you use a concrete mix, but. Then in this case, you. Go for a concrete mix. Number two. Change this one into two. You have the option to provide a GTIN number, an internal reference an external reference and a European article number, and some other items as well.

Let's say we use the internal reference. You can add it here. So C M for concrete mix. And then number two.

If you want, you can also enter your European article number here. So to follow. Volume one. It's optional to include. Uh, sales price. I would say 25 euros for a cubicle meter, you can enter description as well. The description here is also the Product description that we'll end up on, EPD summary. So this is relevant to fill in. You can enter any description that you want. But for the example, I keep it simple. Concrete mixture with the strength class C 30/ 37.

There we go. It leaves the product details that you just entered right there. Makes it easier to manually add Different numbers here. Just give it a quick check. You entered concrete mix the English product name, an internal reference and a description, the volume and a sales price.

Again, leave the product type on goods and services, use the right functional unit, entered the weight per unit, than you press at product.