Reporting with Client focus

Yeah I think it's a it's a good feedback. I mean it is it has been an overall good figure. Everybody likes those extra bits of details and yes that's a that's a valid point that tools are really good at reporting. So when I wanted to like few months back I wanted to start analyzing the impact the advertising has on the overall account performance, organic sales especially. So that's when I started sharing the repeat purchases support as well. And that had a good feedback because at an overall level, what happens generally with amazon advertising over the seller's point of view is that um they look at advertising as a separate platform as a separate engine. And that, that makes sense because Amazon's advertising's impact on organic is not straightforward. So for instance, like you have a certain campaign running at over 50% a cost that looks bad. But if you look at new to brand customers and how many repeat purchases you have got, it actually may look good because your ads got you some new customers who are now becoming repeat customers And the customer lifecycle value is much bigger than that. So the overall a close second platform level is actually like 20% of your overall sales. And I have also shared some examples to the clients will like the a cost. The overall echoes that factors in the organic sales as well was let's say, increased by 5%. But that growth in the organic sales in that particular month, because of aggressive advertising was much higher than that. So at the end of the day, in a very simple language, it would come like you have spent extra X number X amount of pounds on this, our money on this and you have got this much increase in the organic, so those kind of details, those those kind of data and reports really healthy advertisers get a bigger picture into us as well in the first place when we are trying to understand everything. So yeah, that that always has a good response.

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