Day 1 - Installing and Setting Up Visual Studio Code
By Drew Karriker
June 24, 2022
0:00 / 7:25
Day 1 - Installing and Setting Up Visual Studio Code
Drew K

Hello, welcome to coding with Drew this section, we're going to learn how to set up visual studio code. The only difference between where you are right now and where I'm about to be is I'm going to head over to safari. You, as I've instructed. Google Chrome, Google Chrome doesn't work very well in a virtual Mac.

So I'm using safari and any case you can use safari, if you really choose, here is, your browser. If you're not familiar, you can just type in your Google search here. Or you can go to We're going to search visual studio code, download. And we're going to go to the first result here.

It should Just click the link and then you're going to download for your appropriate operating system. So we're going to do Mac and then it's going to download and should be

here in the downloads. After you've downloaded it up. I want you to open. We can also go to finder and go to

our downloads

and we can move visual studio code from our downloads to our applications, directory, just like that. And now I'm being prompted to see if I would like to ru n visual studio code because it was downloaded from the internet instead of the apple app store. And I'm going to click open because I trust it.

so now visual studio code is open and we can close our browser now and our finder with full screen this way, a little green button. And enter full screen. So this is your visual studio code window. You can choose your, color scheme. I prefer light. So we're gonna use like in mine that you can do dark or high contrast you do you, we're going to close this, getting started, option.

And I want to get you familiar with visual studio code. So first thing you recognize here is this little, it's like a document. This is your Explorer. And if you open it, you can see files just like you would in finder, file Explorer and windows. And it just lists all the files in a directory.

Currently, we don't have any files. And so we'll get to that in just a moment. Here you can search in all of those documents, for words, file names, et cetera. And we can also do search will replace. This is a get, extension that works with get hub. We'll make your life a little bit easier, but, for now, we don't need to worry about this.

We're going to get to it. In a later section and this is our running debug, panel. We'll also get to this in the later section when we start coding. And this is your extensions. So I recommend. Less is more when it comes to extensions, but there's a couple that you should probably go ahead and start with. Prettier as one.