Epstein State Department Covert Programs
By George Webb
January 8, 2023
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Epstein State Department Covert Programs
George Webb

Okay, it's August 13th, 2019, George Webb on the Potomac Reporting, and for those new viewers who haven't seen the. Connections between Jeff Epstein and the State Department. I thought I'd just give a really quick review for those folks who've watched the channel.

They know we've been talking about this for three years, but very simply, it's taking the information from the State Department and covert actions that are being done around the world and privatizing them. For private gain. And the main conduit for that was a company called Tenaya that Huma Adeen worked for.

And then that information went over to Anthony Wiener and Jeff Epstein. If you don't remember, here I am at the State Department and I'll show you how they sync the Blackberries to get the information out of the State Department first. There is a State Department flag there and there is the famous seventh floor.

There is the famous seventh floor where Huma and Hillary came out for coffee breaks from the. All the mo, the mahogany row is what they call it, mahogany Row. And then they would sync with whoever was right down here. Anthony Wiener or whoever was whoever, or imrad, whoever. And that's basically what James Comey confirmed that the sinking of the blackberries to each other was how the emails got onto Anthony Wiener's laptop.

Now we'll move on to how Teneo used that information for pay to play. Okay. From here, the Teneo story kind of moves from this guy in the middle here that you see. His name is Doug Band and he is the Body Man for Bill Clinton. During the first two terms of Bill Clinton's pre. and he's the key guy who was doing pay-to-play deals during that time.

And then Hillary's watching from the wings getting ready for her chance to run for president. This sets up a fundamental rift at the Clinton Foundation between what I call the Bills and the Hills and Doug Band. Here in the middle is certainly a Bill and Doug Band. Here you can see the National Review has tied him directly to Rockefeller.

He ends up buying Rockefeller's house in New York. And then of course, he's very closely associated with Jeffrey Epstein. And the reason here is you want deniability. Every time Teneo does something in terms of overseas mining, for instance, they don't want any footprints. If Mark Rich is going to take advantage of some information, let's say about uranium in the Congo we don't want to associate that with anybody at the State Department.

It wants to, you want to keep zero f. So you want Jeff flying people back and forth, whether it's weapons, whether it's different diplomats, et cetera. But you want zero footprint. So Jeff Epstein basically was the way of zeroing out the footprint for Teneo. As I said, whether that met drugs going in one direction or weapons in another, or whether it was mujahadeen.

Et cetera. And the key way they used to cover this contraband or rat line traffic was through the use of diplomatic passports and diplomatic immunity. You can see Doug Bann several times in his email talking about, can we get a few more dip passports for our trip to Africa? Okay. So one of the key companies that Teneo creates as a subsidiary is called 10.

Which is a joint venture with Russia and basically X KGB agents who now have moved into the energy business. Most of the deals that 10 x and Teneo do as joint ventures are either energy deals or weapons deals. And you can see here it's a 50 50 joint venture with these x KGB folks.