Ecochain | Product | Bulk delete product data
By Luc Hillege
January 12, 2022
0:00 / 2:19
Ecochain | Product | Bulk delete product data

Hi there I'm Luc Hillege and today I'll be showing you in a video tutorial, how you can build delete data in the product page. This video is meant for beginning users that quickly want to delete items on the product page and adjust them accordingly and enter new data eventually.

There are several options how you can delete products on the product page. First option is delete all products.

If you press this button, you will receive popup, and then it deletes all products.

The other way is to have the check boxes signed on, and this way you can select items that you want to keep and delete. So if you press here you select all the items in the product page, which is handy because if you just want to save two of them, for example, these two, then you can press delete all selected right here. Then it says clear 205 select products. So the app gives you a warning in advance, and you have to press okay.

There you go, and as you can see how quick it went, Ecochain deleted 205 products and left two products.

This is the quick and easy way of deleting products. The other one is to press delete all products. Are you sure? It gives you a warning if you want to delete all products. Again, be careful to not do this. There's two steps, you would have to press the green button to delete all products and then Ecochain starts calculating it. You have a lot of products, it takes time some time to have your products being removed. If you want scheduled for removal.

to have a quick delete, just press delete, like this and delete like this. And there you go, no products are left. So the delete our products, if you have a large amount of that you want to delete, it it takes, Ecochain some time to delete the items that were entered.

Once they're done scheduled for removal items have been processed, you get this pop-up in blue that your query has been, handeled and your products were removed.