Anne Spalter Thriving as a Digital Artist and Educator
Fei Wu

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It's very hard to improve on nature and it's a beautiful park maybe cuz of my traditional training that you've had to be able, you know, to use your hands and feel the medium and touch it and interact with it and stand back and move around. So there were just aspects of the computer that were so convenient to me that I began using it more and more.

I think there's challenges for any type of artist, whether you're a digital artist or using traditional media. Interestingly, on the digital. Side. At first there was a lot of possibility and then now often people want to see new technology in the art. Definitely the environment is dramatically more positive.

These have to be open, you know, the possibilities at the moment. Sometimes I actively go to a place or know before I'm going that it will somehow, you know, resonate with.

By following opportunities even if they didn't work out. Then you get to other ones that do work out, and I think it's sort of like little ripples and pond. You know? First it's just you and your family and like your mother looking at it, and then slowly other people become an evolv. You have a show and slowly spreads out and kind of builds as the, as the ripples go.

It definitely takes time and you don't know kind of what the whole chain of reaction's gonna be.

Hi everyone, this is Faye W, and I'm your host for the Phase World Podcast. Today I have Anne Spolter on Face World. Anne is a digital mixed media artist. In our conversations today, just like the intro Face World Podcast will cross the boundaries between business art and the digital world. Anne is an academic pioneer who founded the original digital fine arts program at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design in the 1990s.

In her studio practice, spolter uses custom software to transform source footage captured by her during multisensory experience, such as walking through an open air flower market in Bangkok. And dangling from a helicopter over downtown Dubai into kaleidoscopic manipulated modern landscapes. Ann's work is housed in the permanent collections of the Victoria Albert Museum in London, and the Albright Knox Museum in Buffalo, New York, as well as the Rhode Island School of Digital Museum in Providence.

I met Anne for the first time at Kenner Park in Newton, Massachusetts. Anne had interior and exterior pieces featured at the Kenner Park Sculpture Trail. Many local art enthusiasts and their families were there at the opening. I was just very surprised by how little kids enjoy the experience as much as the adults.

It was an exploratory adventure rather than walking inside a museum where you get to get up clothes, interact with the artworks and the nature. What struck me the most is how comfortable and relaxed Anne was with no intention of complicating the experience. She was laughing with her friends while taking photos of people with art in the background.

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