How to use insight timer to generate passive income as a healer or spiritual business
    Lais Stephan

    And we are live for a new episode on female entrepreneurs growing their business with my fellow Brazilian bombshell, Camilla Sunshine . Welcome. Oh my God, it's so exciting to be with a fellow Brazilian, even though I'm half German too. , but it's so nice to do this with you. I know we've been following each other on social media for quite some time, , and because of the time differences, Australia and Sweden, we just never managed to really hop on and have a chat.

    But I'm so excited to do it today and to ask you all the questions about your past, your background, and how you got into what you're doing. But specifically today, you all, it's all about insight timer and how to use that platform. If you are a healer, a spiritual coach, a meditation teacher, or any kind of life coach, this is the perfect platform for you, from what I've gathered from Camilla, to establish an audience.

    And you don't even have to niche down. It just sounds so good, , and you can make passive income. So I'm just all over this platform right now and I'm just. So excited to ask Camilla all the questions,

    Camilla Sunshine

    Totally. Yeah. So good to be here. As you said, like we know each other for, from the online space.

    . . But I feel like I know you so well and we have connected so well, so this is really exciting. Yes. Thank you so much for doing

    Lais Stephan

    this. And I mean, we've been chatting back and forth on Facebook and I know we have a very similar background in that we both studied and then we went off, did the corporate thing and you did more the financial world.

    Camilla Sunshine

    Yeah, it For the finance industry, yes. Wow. And where were you based?

    I was born in Sao Paulo. Mm-hmm. , Brazil. Mm-hmm. . . And yeah, I've was always curious about computers and how it works and you know, like you can conquer the world if you know computers. So I was always curious. My mom worked also in a bank. She worked at sit. For many years.

    And I used to go there and at the time we didn't have, you know, computers at home. So going to Citibank where she used to work and see all those big computers, I was like, in heaven. I was like, oh my God. And there was games . That's so cool. So her work colleagues would, you know, set up games for me to play.

    I had this opportunity fall into my lap and, , it it flowed that way, right? For me to work in a corporate.

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