The God Who Marvels — Terryl Givens With Steve Peck
    Tim Chaves

    Hey everyone. Before we get started, just a quick note about our ongoing work at Faith Matters that we think you'll be really interested in after the phenomenal way that Restore was received last year. We are planning another gathering this year in 2023. We're finalizing dates and location behind the scenes right now.

    As you may know, last year it's sold out and it was at more than capacity. Once the details are finalized in the next few. We'll be announcing dates in our email newsletter and allowing tickets to be purchased on a first come first serve basis. That means if you're subscribed to our newsletter, you'll be the first to know and we'll be able to get the number of tickets you need for restore.

    So what you can do is head to faith and sign up. We also announce other content and events as part of that newsletter, and we think that you'll get a lot of value out of it. And with that we'll head straight into the. Hey

    Aubrey Chaves

    everybody. Before we get started, I just wanted to let you know that the first book from Faith Matters Publishing is now available.

    It's called All Things New and was written by Fiona and Terrell Gibbons. When I finished the book, I just thought, this has so much potential to actually change lives. They go through and trace the roots of our religious vocabulary and show how so many of these words have become totally unmoored from their original foundation, and how a lot of those traditions have been carried forward for hundreds and even thousands of years, and are in a lot of ways still damaging.

    Today and then they dive into how we can reformulate our language in healthy and inspiring ways. This book is so healing, it's hopeful. It's a totally paradigm shifting book that you will not be able to put down. You can pick up a copy for yourself or for friends and family. It's available at Desert Book on Amazon, audible and Apple Books.

    We're so grateful, Forter and Fiona and all of the amazing work that they've done here. All right. That's all for the book for now, but we have a lot more to come. Thanks as always. And here's the episode. Welcome

    Steve Peck

    to Maxwell Institute Conversations, special video cast episodes of the Maxwell Institute podcast, hosted by Terrell Gibbons, and created in collaboration with Faith Matters Foundation.

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    In this episode, Terrell given sits down with Steven Pec, an award-winning author and scientist, one of the most bright and interesting latter day saints you'll ever meet for Peck as forgiven Mormons need not fear scientific research because it can be a wonderful avenue for getting more acquainted with God.

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