CAADE Conference 2022 JJW lecture
    Jason Wittman

    Hello all. Hi, I'm Jason Wittman and I live in a shoe. No, it's different.

    So I think that's a different speech. Let's have the wrong page here I think you've all read my descriiption in the booklet. I don't need to introduce myself. I don't think, anyway, today's topics are, I'm going, it's a very ambitious schedule cause in an hour and a half, I want to cram in everything that needs to be done about rehab.

    I'd like to start with, some basics The root cause of all addictions, which is what I promoted there. Then I've had a problem with the whole disease concept of, addictions. And, I knew that there was something wrong with that, but you not quite know what, and I've sat in almost in October 12th will be 45 years worth of AA. And, you know, I hear lots of people talking about the root, the, you know, when I, when I first got this, well, I'm getting ahead of myself.

    I'm sorry.

    I was looking for a clue as to what this root cause would be. And, I'm an NLP practitioner. And with NLP, we, we look to see the meta message, the message behind the message or under the message and, sitting in 45 or so years of, of 12 step meetings, I've heard lots and lots of people talk about when they first got their, when they first were introduced to whatever their goodie is, is that it filled that empty hole inside.

    Anyone else ever heard that? other than me, I've never heard anyone saying, well, if there is an empty hole inside, what should have been there? that's the logical NLP question. If you're describing empty hole, well then what should have been in that hole? And I, another problem that's come up over all the years because I'm a, I've been doing counseling and life coaching.

    I actually labeled life coaching life coaching in 1982 and did ads. I can prove it, me and Thomas Leonard from Coachville separately. But, you know, I have a problem that people who get clean and sober and they've 15 years and do working a program and all of that. And then they pick up some other addiction.

    whether it's out, whether it's, a non-chemical one gambling or overreading or workaholic or something. And it seems to me that if all this stuff is supposed to work, should work across the board. And I have another problem and we'll get to that a little bit later, I think. But the other problem is people are always talking about opioid addiction and I, if you were in that, thing on M A T before, it was so enthralling that I fell asleep and dropped coffee all over my lab.

    But, anyway, you know, we're, we're dealing with that to deal with opioids and we're dealing with something else to deal with some, and these were all focused on. The chemical and nobody has an opioid addiction except purely medical, but I'm getting ahead of myself. So let's go back here. I'll get back to that.

    Sorry. It's kind of dark here. I, I didn't realize there's no light. I can hardly see my notes. let's ah, and the Lord said, let that be light and by God there was light. Okay. so my quest was what is the root cause of all addictions. And I also listen pretty carefully to what people say in meeting. And, you know, I was looking for something that translated into all the non-chemical ones, too, because if you go into a gambler anonymous meaning, guess what they say, I walked into a, a casino and it filled that empty hole inside, or I saw that big plate of food and it filled that empty hole.

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