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    Canada works, in my view, because of individuals. Individuals like you find in this book. None of them are people you've probably ever heard of. They're just kind of ordinary people who do ordinary jobs. And you listed off some of them. But you try to imagine a world or a country where there is nobody in those jobs, then the country wouldn't work.

    Michael Sangster

    How can a set of skills lead you down the path to success? That's what we're setting out to answer on the EdUp Canada podcast. I'm your host, Michael Sangster. Join me as we unpack how leaders around the world can make a difference. I've taken training and skills and turned that into a lasting career.

    Now let's learn together.

    Welcome back to the EdUp Canada podcast. It's Michael Sangster, your host, and let's get started with this week's episode. I grew up in a household where news, facts, and community involvement mattered. We read things. The newspaper was on the kitchen table. We engaged in community activities, and the CBC was on the TV.

    I grew up listening to the voice of Nolten Nash coming out of the television, telling me what happened that day. And then as I got involved in politics myself, and as I got more involved in the world, the voice changed to my guest today, Peter Mansbridge. Peter was the host of the CBC National News from 1988 until 2017.

    And he saw the world change through a series of events too long to speak about now, without making this a three part series. He was an institution in our homes for decades, and it is my honour to have him as my guest today. Not just because of his career, but because of his latest book, How Canada Works.

    And the view that's created for me about our country, Mr. Mansbridge, welcome to the Ed Up Canada podcast. And let's dive right in.

    Peter Mansbridge

    Michael, it's great to be here. Looking forward to it.

    Michael Sangster

    I'm looking forward to it because you're one of the most prominent broadcasters of your generation in the world, not just Canada.

    So as you look at the world now, what would you say keeps you up at night when it comes to the state of the media, the public's trust in the media and the state of misinformation and disinformation?

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