Let's Maximize Driver Location Visibility
By Sean Devine
September 17, 2022
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Let's Maximize Driver Location Visibility

Hey there. This is Sean Devine, founder and CEO of XBE and I'm here today to talk about maximizing driver location visibility. So XBE released our first iOS and Android native apps back in May 2019. I don't know if that seems like a long time ago or just the other day, but a little internal poll showed that most of our team thought that it was at least a year before that. Nonetheless, it was May 2019, and I looked in our internal Slack and on that day I posted that we had 35 users and I think that includes all of XBE staff and some of our family members.

Believe it or not, that seemed like a lot at the time. So up until then the only driver location visibility that we had related to check-ins and material transactions.

There wasn't any general tracking aside from that. With the introduction of native apps in 2019, and then the telematics integrations I'll talk about in a minute a bit after that, that all changed. So since May of 2019, over 7,300 people have become XBE native app users, and XBE is integrated with telematics from multiple vendors including KeepTruckin', Samsara and Digital Fleet.

In September, 2022, this will be the first month in which we've achieved over 50% location visibility across all driver time that's managed through XBE.

While 50% is pretty good, when we look at the branch level, it's clear that much higher driver visibility is achievable.

There are two XBE customers that have location visibility that's above 80%. In both cases, they operate relatively large trucking fleets, relatively large as compared to their overall demand. And they have hardware telematics that are integrated with XBE.

But there are two other XBE customers that have location visibility above 70% that are in very different categories.

One of those customers does own a relatively large fleet of their own, but they exclusively use the XBE app to report location data. The other doesn't own any trucks at all. They don't have any third party telematics integrations and they rely exclusively on external haulers running the XBE app to report all of the location data that we have in XBE.

Five other customers have location visibility above 60%, and they represent a variety of situations

. In other words, any XBE customer can achieve high driver location visibility. If you own assets with integrated telematics, we can integrate those with XBE. If you rely entirely on external capacity, you can manage them to achieve similarly high location visibility.