Creative Partnerships with Big Brands - feat. Dianuh Aerin

    Welcome to the Biz Batch Podcast, where we make biz strategy a piece of cake. I'm Elizabeth. And I'm Cammy, but you might know us better. As Eliza and Calligraphy and Cammy Monet, we want to help you, our fellow Stationers artists and calligraphers confidently build a profitable and personality driven creative biz.

    We're here to share our honest to goodness advice and actionable strategies for ambitious artists. So put on your party hat. Quit being a procrastinator gator, and let's get this party started. Hello friends. Welcome back to the bis birthday VA podcast. We have a guest here with us today who has actually made an appearance on the podcast before.

    We have Diana Aaron of chasing linen more officially, Diana Aaron of Diana Aaron now, but we can talk about that a little bit later in the episode. Just you changing up your brand a little bit. Mm-hmm. , did I pronounce your ? We've been friends for years. Did I pronounce your last name correct? Yeah, actually my last name is Gunderson, but A is my middle name, so

    Oh my gosh. Okay. I know, but no one knows that everyone calls me Mrs. A, but that's my middle name, Mrs. Aaron. And Cause I knew that I knew Patrick's last name and so I don't know why I wouldn't have put two, two, and two together, but like some people also keep their name , so. Oh, for sure. You just never. I don't expect people to remember my full name.

    Okay. Okay, perfect. As long as they know my person name. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone knows Cammy as Cammy Mona, even though it's like technically Cammy Miller. So Diana, we excited you're here. You didn't know that. Yeah, I didn't even know that. No, but that makes sense. That makes sense. Yes. Isn't that funny? So Monet is her middle name and it's Cammy and Alex Miller, her and her husband,

    Yes. I think I knew. I think I knew her husband's last name was Miller, but I still thought it was Monet, so, Okay. Now I know from the other side, . Yes, exactly. So I'm glad. I'm not the only one who's like messed that up. And also, after knowing you for years, I'm like, I feel like I should know how to pronounce that.

    But here we are guys. Diana is with us today. She is a watercolor artist, illustrator, educator, content creator, a professional doodler, basically your everyday creative. She is also the founder of Chasing Linen, which is a design studio specializing in watercolor portraits, in live art entertainment. Her clients in the past have included Google, Starbucks, Michaels, Nordstrom, LaCroix, and others.

    She loves empowering creatives to pursue their artistic ambitions through her YouTube channel, blog and creative courses. So Diana, there you go. That's the intro. The official introduction, . So now people know a little bit more about you and you guys. Diana and I met, oh my gosh, five years ago, something like that.

    Yeah, I think so. Five or even six. Well, no. How long have you been doing. Like how long was Bis birthday Bash? Like before the podcast? Like a thing? Yeah. We started it in the fall of 2017, but Cammy and I went full time with our businesses in the fall of 2016. So I actually feel like it might be since the fall of 2016, cuz that's when a bunch of like creative people, like we're all friends still

    Yes. I know when Instagram was like, awesome. Yeah. When Instagram used to be cool. Right now when we were recording this, all of this stuff, there's all this stuff on Instagram, um, blowing up of like, make Instagram, Instagram. Again. I don't even have the app on my phone. I only look at my, uh, business account from my browser

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