Ladies and gentlemen, and our friends beyond the binary...It is time to put your ears together...for INDIE AF! Huhuh HAHA!!...

    Ohhh I love the smell of a burning laptop fan in the morning!

    Hey, you take cover!,

    Here there be social media dragons. We fight them together - ARE YOU WITH ME?!!

    May the DAW be with you!

    Will it render or will it crash?!Just...cross everything...that's all we got! There's no place like audiofiction... There's no place like audiofiction... There's no place like audiofiction...


    ... ! Welcome. Welcome to Part two of my Indie AF chattarama of joy, with me, Sarah Golding and my super amazing guest, KC Wayland. If you missed part one then, hunt it down like your life depends on it for...his glorious advice. And KC's audio making gems -got to say those zombie folks were just cos players and some of the best I've ever seen.

    So that's you dressing up doing amazing things inspired by your favorite podcasts - YOU'RE AWESOME! ONNN TO EPISODE FOUR!! ......Enjoy!!

    Yeah. And I got to say, you know, the filmic quality of all of these shows that you do is super. I mean, I think our generations have been enriched by many decades now of fantastic films, television series. So we understand transitions and cross-cutting and fading, and, you know, things that visually happen.

    But when you're listening to that.... You can create in your own mind. So, so clearly when it's done well like that.

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