Ginny Roth, Marlene Floyd and Kathleen Monk part 1 EdUp Canada
    Ginny Roth

    Yeah, fake it till you make it is so key. And there's a fine line between faking it and making it. Like, it's not like you've

    Kathleen Monk

    crossed some threshold. You've made it. Failure that's public and failure that's been private, but lots of it, let's just say, and I just wish that somebody had told

    Marlene Floyd

    me that. I think those that maybe don't see the success in their career are unwilling to make some of those big leaps or changes or being able to think of a bigger picture.

    Michael Sangster

    How can a set of skills lead you down the path? The success, that's what we're setting out to answer on the ed up Canada podcast. I'm your host, Michael Sangster. Join me as we unpack how leaders around the world have taken training. And skills, and turn that into a lasting career. Now let's learn together.

    Welcome back to the EdUp Canada podcast, where we take time to interview industry leaders, career professionals, and generally interesting people, to talk about their careers, mistakes made, and to hear advice on how making a simple change can change a career path or a family's future. For the first time in our series, we're going to be doing a two part series with three professionals who need no introduction other than Ginny Roth, Marlene Floyd, and Kathleen Monk.

    These three leaders have impacted politics, communities, and people, and I'm delighted to have them join us today and also to call all three friends. In today's podcast, we'll talk about their own experiences, their lessons learned, and have them share some thoughts on the challenges and opportunity facing education in Canada.

    And in the next edition, we're going to have a lively discussion on the return of Parliament in Canada and what Canadians should expect. So with that in mind, ladies. Welcome. We'll jump right in because we haven't done this with three people. We'll ask some questions and I'll kind of guide them as we go here.

    But we're going to get right in with a fun question about in your own career path, what's the greatest lesson that you have learned in your careers that you wish that you knew when you started? And Marlene, you dialed in last, so you're first.

    Marlene Floyd

    I've been thinking about this question and she sent us a couple of notes of what it was and what I wish I had known when I was starting out my career.

    If we were in person and not recording this, I might have a different word is don't be a jerk. This has been the life lesson that I have learned. My reputation and your reputation is what will precede you in every situation for the rest of your life and how you interact with people, how you make them feel, how you leave those conversations.

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