Falkon PQL Workshop
By Tyler Washington
June 2, 2022
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Falkon PQL Workshop

So just as a little bit of the, what you're going to see here is essentially a summary of all the things that we as practitioners have uh, at our um, at Dropbox at one drive and other companies that have. Had a strong product led growth motion from free to uh, and also us working with, uh, a through uh, that have a strong, free paid, uh, workflow.

So this is sort of a set of best practices that we've identified.

PLG vs traditional model

So high level before we get into the nuts and bolts of you know, what are the key differences between a traditional go-to-market motion versus a product led growth marketing motion? It's not simply, you uh, success. Right. Um, In a PLG model, we also need to customize our outreach based on.

The person we're reaching out to and their usage of our product. For instance, if you're reaching out to someone uh, a marketing, a growth motion.

You have free customers and in a traditional model, you don't, it's not as simple as that. So I wanted to highlight about. Key differences and then we'll deep dive into each of them. So the first difference is, you know, in a traditional uh, lead generation is happening, uh, through marketing efforts and through uh, prospecting and also on a AE prospecting uh, uh, in a PLG uh, we are focusing.

On those traditional ways to do lead generation as well. So it's not uh, in PLG marketing and SDRs are not generating leads. It is in addition to Uh, leads are also generated through free trials and free Uh, That might be your main product. It might be a sidecar product that is predominantly its only purpose um, to do lead generation.

And this particular difference between these two creates an opportunity to understand what PQ is are versus what MQL is are, and how we combine those two in one unified. Um, The second key difference is in a traditional model, we often have company information about the prospects that we're reaching out to.

We are using, you know, we build target account Uh, We have ZoomInfo we identify contacts that we want to reach out to in those target accounts. By the time we are reaching out to a prospect, whether that's through marketing or that's through sales, we have a sense of where that human being works in a PLG model.

In many cases, we don't have that information because users free people that are on free trials or free plans. They're using personal email addresses and I'm using a personal email address, does not let us know that they are using our product or service. Um, At Zoom, at Netflix and so on. Right. Um, and and that's where identity resolution comes into play.