Alpine Meadows Valley Wide Meeting - 9/2/23
    Dawn Grass

    All right. Good morning everyone. I'm Dawn Grass and I live in Juniper Mountain. I'm hosting today's meeting, and it's really nice that we can be here in person and offer Zoom. We haven't been able to be in person for a few years for a couple different reasons, but I wanted to say thank you to Palisades for allowing us to use the space here.

    And thank you to a M E A and Andrew Karrin for setting up the Zoom and managing it this morning.

    I wanted to acknowledge and thank all of the presenters for taking the time to be here today.

    So thanks for being here and then we'll go ahead and get started with our first presenter. We have. Cindy, thank you so much.

    Cindy Gustafson - Placer County District 5 Supervisor - Remarks
    Cindy Gustafson

    Good morning everyone. Thanks for being here. Great turnout. I think when it rains, we see people show up more than when we, when it doesn't. Anyway, thanks for being here. I'm the county supervisor for this area, and I've lived up here for 40 years in Tahoe City. So some of your faces, you know me and we're familiar, but those of you don't know me.

    I, I am a local here. My district, just so you know, goes all the way down to through er to New Castle because the western part of the county is growing so much. I have almost 80% of the county in the district. So I have the longest commute of my life. I had a full career up here where I got to commute, five minutes to work for many, many years, and now I commute about an hour and a half one way.

    So it's it's quite a challenging job. But I really wanted to represent this area because we hadn't had a county supervisor that lived up here for many, many years. And there's a lot going on and we're really important to the county in many ways and we just I pleased to be there and trying to do my best to fight for resources for this area.

    So Dawn had given me a few topics and I got a couple emails about things to talk about. So I'll talk about a little bit of that and then I'll go quickly to questions 'cause I don't wanna bore you to death with too many details that you might not be interested in. But a few big things that I'm working on and have been working on for since I took office now four years ago, housing critical issue for our community to house our local workforce and our employees.

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