Vicki Jackson, MD on Palliative Care and Why Small Things Matter
    Vicki Jackson, MD

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    So there's something about addressing all of these, this sort of symptom and stress of the illness that actually helps patients do better. What do you understand about your illness? What's important to you? How can we partner with you in caring for you in this phase of your life? And it was this very powerful experience to realize that we needed to really ask him what was important

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    to him.

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    Vicki Jackson, MD

    reason I love this work so much is because you see how. when their world has been turned upside down and that they know that something that many of us think is this theoretical sort of abstract concept, that life could be shorter than what they had hoped. It's not abstract for many of my patients.

    It's very real. And in that, I think it allows many patients to really hone in on what's important to them and live truer to that sort of.

    When patients are able to both simultaneously have an awareness that life isn't what they had thought it was going to be, and not let that overwhelm them either, and see the beauty in the joy. You know, it's just biology. It just is what it is. Nobody did anything wrong to get that cancer. I think the challenge for all of us who aren't living with a serious illness is how to have a little bit of that, um, seep into our world so we can appreciate things.

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    Vicki Jackson, MD

    for me, I have this constant reminder. These little joys that are easy to just kind of not pay attention to. That's the good stuff, right? That's the stuff that's all the fodder for sort of a happy, fulfilled life. And if we can pay attention to that outside of having a serious illness of our own. Mm-hmm. , I just find myself being really great.


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