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    If you remember anything about the impact that this is happening on the organizations that we represent of the Enchanté Network, remember this. Boom and bust.


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    This week on the podcast, I'm grateful to be joined by Tyler Boyce, executive Director of the Enchanté Network, to discuss a crucial issue for the nonprofit sector, the lack of core funding. Nonprofit organizations like businesses and government have basic operating costs such as insurance, rent, and computers that they must cover in order to function.

    Ensuring multi-year sustainable funding contributes to the strength and health of an organization, positioning it to have the resilience to not only withstand future disruptions, but respond to the growing demand for services. Unfortunately, the vast majority of organizations receive very limited core funding.

    And instead have to rely on project-based funding, which doesn't cover essential expenses. This is a major problem for the sector because this lack of funding impacts organizational health capacity and resilience, which in turn negatively impacts the quality of services they can offer for their community, the employment conditions of nonprofit workers, and the long-term sustainability of their organizations.

    So we're gonna explore the issue of core funding today. Tyler, thank you so much for accepting our invitation.


    Yeah, really happy to be here.


    So to kick off, the Enchanté Network is a national network connecting and supporting over 200 pride centers and 2SLGBTQI+ service providers across Canada.

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