David Stewart on Ageist Rethink Aging and Redefining Later Life
Fei Wu

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We are designed to work hard. We are designed to have a purpose, and the reason retirement kills people is because it. Those two things.

It's characterized by an attitude. I am powerful. I'm not invalid, I'm not injured. I have tremendous amount. Of capacity.

People who take good care of themselves and they, they look at this and they're thinking, wow, I'm only halfway through my life. Isn't that awesome? I've got another half a life,

and I've personally learned that so much of what is going on in my life, things that are important to me, or the changes that. Or I'm planning on making are really typical for people like myself.

Everyone is fascinating. You just need to ask the right question.

Hello everyone. This is Fay Wu. I am your host for the Face World Podcast. Phase World podcast is the weekly show release. Every Monday, and it is a show that I created back in October, 2014. And since then we have welcomed more than 20,000 downloads and listeners from over 40 countries. What we seek out for are interesting people with stories that you can relate to.

Well, today I want to welcome a gentleman named David Stort. David is the founder of Agist, a website, A G E I dot t, filled with beautiful photography interviews with successful and vibrant people. Generally over the age of 50. David defines the mission of ages to be a better understanding of this inspirational, influential, but underserved generation.

After spending 10 years of working in advertising, I too feel the obsession of brands chasing the affections of young people, namely young millennials, even centennials. Yet as a generation, the over fifties controlled two thirds of the world's wealth. How should we live our lives after the so-called prime time?

Is that inevitable to associate negativity, constant fear with a. . David asked a better question, what are we doing about all this? So he decided to dedicate his life's work to seeking out interviewing and photoing people over the age of 50 who are living lives that we should all be aspiring to.

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