Accountability W5 D6
By Ryan Snyder
July 17, 2022
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Good afternoon from my Husky Department, it is week five day six of my accountability challenge, and just got done my shoulder pump, trying to get those shoulders, like boulders, shoulders to the olders, whatever the kids call it these days. But it was a pretty good workout. I had to cut it a teensy bit short, cause I'm still having a little bit of shoulder pain in this area.

So by the time I was getting to the end, the last few sets. It's feeling a little bit sore, a little bit fatigued, also a little bit tight for time. So got in as much as I could, which is good. I'm stoked about that. So what can you say? Anyway, today's workout was brought to me by a band named Moon Tooth and their new album.

I don't have 'em right in front of me, but I'll put a link or an image in anyway, super awesome. Hopefully you have a great day and I will check in with you later.