Descript Video Editing Tutorial

Welcome to our tutorial on editing video in Descript. In this video, I'll take you through all the steps you need to make a video from start to finish.

For this video, we'll go through making a YouTube style explainer video.

It has a primary script track, this video of Tiff talking about her kitchen gadgets.

Then we'll be adding B-roll footage and other visuals on top of the script track. We will do this using a Descript feature called Scenes.

Scenes are a feature unique to the Descript video editor that work a lot like slides in a presentation. I'll cover scenes in detail in the section titled Working with Scenes.

We also have a standalone video that's just on working with Scenes.

Project Layout

Before I get into the tutorial, let's review the project layout and some of our unique video editing features.

Here's what an in progress video project looks like.

It contains the Script panel. This is where your transcript appears and you'll edit most of your script track.