Nancy Goebel_ CEO and Podcast Host at the Digital Workplace Group
    Fei Wu

    And I'm really excited to be sitting here with Nancy Goebel. I consider Nancy, uh, not just a friend, a colleague, but someone that I really look up to, a woman in leadership. So welcome Nancy. I'm so grateful that you're

    Nancy Goebel

    here. Oh, I couldn't be more excited to have a chance to share some time with you over a backdrop of.

    Fei Wu

    Thank you so much. And for those of you who are less familiar with Nancy's work, I wanna do a brief intro. I'm gonna just hop into today's questions, and by the way, we're gonna be talking about a series of topics and things like podcasting, being a creator, and also Nancy in a. Leadership position as the CEO of DWG, so I'm gonna say it correctly, which is Digital Workplace Group.

    And uh, with that said, Nancy is the Chief Executive officer, CEO of Digital Workplace Group, the world's leading mentorship forum for digital workplace leaders. And their teams, along with a highly respected provider of boutique benchmarking and consulting services. In addition to being responsible for DWGs growth acceleration plan, Nancy served.

    On DWGs board of Directors and is executive producer for Digital Workplace Impact a top rated podcast in its industry. So even with such a, you know, brief intro, there is already so much to talk about. So, Nancy, I'm gonna break the ice by letting you talk to us and really help me understand better of what DWG is, what you guys do at a high level, how it works.

    Nancy Goebel

    It's a great place to start. So DWG works with about 70 major organizations across North America and Europe. Household names that everyone would recognize from Campbell's to CVS Health, from Barclays to the Coca-Cola company. Michelin, the list goes on. And when I think about DWG, there are a couple of key parts to what we do.

    So membership is where we get to explore what good looks like. Benchmarking is where we get to measure against that. And then the consulting side. Boils down to providing expert advice and targeted interventions that really help organizations drive the success of their digital workplaces. So very often we work in combination across those three areas.

    Um, and occasionally we bring in technology providers to help add the technical lens to the work across the digital workplace.

    Fei Wu

    Hmm. Wow. I love the summary. Clearly. This is, this is really interesting that, that you are on the ground and you understand just ins and outs of how everything works together.

    And I gotta say, sometimes people ask me and I struggle to cons more concisely describe Face World, especially as things as you know, change so rapidly. So. One thing I noticed, one of many services and expert areas of expertise for DWG is automation. I saw the word ai, phrases like digital transformation, change management.

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