Company Level | Purchasing Page | Adding Materials
By Luc Hillege
January 24, 2022
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Company Level | Purchasing Page | Adding Materials

Hi, there. I'm Luc Hillege from Ecochain. And today I will be explaining to you the purchasing page in Ecochain.

We will begin this video using the concrete plant as used in the previous example. This video is meant for beginning users in the Ecochain platform that want to enter the purchased raw materials for a production facility.

You can find the purchasing page on the company level, and it's tab three.

This is the starting page of the purchasing page. Here you can add new materials, for example, if you are producing concrete, you would need cement. And you can add cement as a separate item. Then you can list all the materials that you purchased. For example sand and gravel.

This is the basis of entering data into the purchasing page. There's a lot more to the purchasing page which which I will explain in other videos. What is also good to know is that you can import and export your data.