How to Score 10-20 Points Higher on Your CPA Exams
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How to Score 10-20 Points Higher on Your CPA Exams

In this video, we are going to go through a super simple strategy, super simple idea, which is something you already do actually, about how to score 10 to 20 points higher using the SuperfastCPA study tools. And this is just in addition to your main study session. So whatever your main study session is for your CPA study, you just add this idea into your daily routine.

The Main Idea

So the idea is simply this. You have your main study session, whether that's with Becker, Roger, Wiley, whatever your main review course is, and whatever you do for that. Okay? What we recommend if you're following our PRO course strategies, is a two hour main study session and then this idea of "mini sessions."

So mini sessions just means using the SuperfastCPA study tools from your phone on our app all throughout your day, and the idea is just to use the study tools from your phone as you go about your normal day, over and over and over as many times as you can, as the weeks go by in your study process. So first, let's go over the why.

Why: Deep Understanding of Topics Comes in "Layers" Through Repetition

Why would you do this? So the first point is that the deep level, understanding the comprehension and the retention of the topics, it has to come in layers as you re-hit all the topics many, many times throughout your study window. Now, of course, the traditional study approach is to go into your review course, do each lesson one by one, but you really don't look back at anything as you go through the weeks and all the lessons, and then you essentially, you realize that you've forgotten half of it after about five or six weeks, and then you're essentially trying to relearn everything in a one to two week long final review. And that is the general study process that most CPA candidates follow that results in the 50% fail rates.

So only half of the people who go in for any given section actually pass their exam. And that's because that process, when I describe it that way, it's clear why it's not very effective. Now, this idea that the deep level understanding, comprehension, and retention of the topics, it's much more effective when it comes in layers through repeat exposure to all the topics over and over and over.

Learning a New Language Example

Now, for example, this is an example that everyone will understand. You simply cannot learn a new language from one massive deep dive study session, right? You could maybe memorize a bunch of vocabulary words in a new language, maybe how you know how to construct verbs or sentences and how it's different than English or whatever.

But you will not have a deep, intuitive understanding or a functional understanding to be able to use a new language from one study session, even if it was somehow this 48 hour bootcamp that you went to. Something that's that complex, you just will not deeply learn it from one deep dive study session. That obviously only can happen from repeat exposure over and over and over.