How to > Recording in Descript
By Tiffani Bauer
November 12, 2022
0:00 / 2:47
How to > Recording in Descript

In this video, we'll cover recording multi-track audio directly into a composition from your microphone, camera, computer audio, or a screen capture. We'll also cover how you can transcribe and edit as you record, and even apply Studio Sound, Descript's non-destructive voice enhancement feature, while recording.

In-App Recording

First open or create a project and select or create the composition where you want to record. Next place your cursor in the script where you want to insert your recording or select a scene to record an overlay track within that scene. Now open the in-app recording by selecting the record button in the insert media panel.

From here, you can choose to record audio only video and audio or record your screen. Select this icon to access your recorder settings. Choose your audio or video inputs. Here you can choose whether or not to include computer audio. Select this icon to enable or disable studio sound and live transcription.

You can always transcribe and apply studio sound after your record.

If you enable live transcription, you'll be able to edit your script in real time while you record. Now, add speaker labels to each audio input, so your transcript will be labeled clearly. You can toggle between recording to the script or to a scene from the recording panel. You can place your cursor anywhere in the script panel where you want to insert your recording.

Select a scene to record an overlay track for that scene or record into a blank composition. Press the record button at the bottom of this recording panel to start recording. For screen recordings, you can select the portion of the screen you want to record. Then press start record. To record your full screen, press the space bar.

Click the pause button in the recording doc to pause a recording, or click this button to stop recording.

Quick Recorder

Descript also has a standalone recorder that lets you create video or screen recordings without opening the app.