Sarah Golding

    Ladies and Gentlemen, and our friends beyond the binary, it is time to put your ears together...for INDIE AF!! HeuHeh HAHA!!

    You will give up your pursuit or we will fire at will...

    I love you. I know! I have power.

    So I want you to find this girl.

    I'm going to have a baby.

    All praise the all seeing eye.

    Go ahead, make my audio drama.

    Sound engineer, we have a problem.

    You talkin' to me? YeH i'M talkin' you you - I don't any other actors in this booth. You can't handle the booth! Here's lookin' at you patreons...

    WOOOO To the HOOO! Yeah. It's episode five of INDIE AF with me. Sarah Golding. Hello. And today's guest is super stellar in their contribution to award-winning classy audio awesome. And the best at what they do (whispered) the very best! . So do keep up. And if you're listening to this running, run faster, if you're scrubbing something, scrub quicker, if you'rebathing, soak more luxuriously....

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