0-DTE Strategy, Methods and Service
By Ernie Varitimos
November 19, 2021
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0-DTE Strategy, Methods and Service

3, 2, 1 life. I doing friends Ernie here, and this is the zero dash DTE podcast or the zero days to expiration podcast. You can find that on iTunes. You can also go to the website 0-dte.com/podcast. All right. So today is going to be a review of our strategy. Now we had a zero DTE day today with the S and P and the trade is actually still going on, but I don't have very many hopes for it.

Trade was actually profitable earlier in the day. And you were able to, if you had multiple positions, take some of those off for a guaranteed, now I don't know how many people actually did that or not, but since then, the market has moved against the trade. And, it doesn't look like it's going to be viable if you didn't take profit earlier.

It's interesting. It went against us as soon as the, Kenosha murder. Verdict was announced. The market went down. Oh, a good, I don't know, 15, 20 points or so. And that put us out of range. And right now, I don't know where are we? Let's see. You never know it could still come back. And it's possible it, that it's very possible that it could come back.

I've seen stranger things happen. Now we had, two exits. Trades the beginning of this week. So I guess, you could say we were three for three or maybe two and a half to a half a, this week. And, that's good. And what I wanted to talk about today was what the strategy was all about. And so I put together a little presentation, not just the strategy, but the methods, the reason why we do the trade, the edge that we have.

Everything that's involved with what we do in this service. All right. So I have a little presentation and we'll get started with that. And I just need to turn it on here. So again, if you want to try out the service, just go to zero days to expiration zero-dte.com/try. You'll get a four week trial. And at the end of that four weeks or.

Time during those four weeks, if you decide to become a member, I will rebate the cost of the trial, when you become a member. And the reason why we don't have a free trial is because we put a real lot of work into every member that joins the service, whether you're a tribal member or a full member.

You get a lot of value now I'm more than willing to rebate that cost when you become a member, with the amount of effort and what you're getting out of it. This is like a full week intensive course for people. And you're going to learn a lot in that four weeks. You're getting what you pay for sure.

All right. Zero D T E. Now this is zero DTE or the last day of expiration on options with the underlying being the S and P futures or the S and P index. Now we don't trade this. Because there are well, there's really no advantage of trading the spy when you have the futures in the index and these options, essentially the strategy is to sell option premium on that last day of expiration, where the premium is decaying at its most rapid rate, until it gets down to nothing.

And that in of itself provides an incredible edge. And then we've built an entire. Service around this, that includes strategies, methods, and process. The process is very important because that is what really allows members to become professional traders, literally professional traders. And that's my goal here.

And that is to make everybody that joins the service, become a professional trader trading, this strategy. All right, let's go to. The first slide here. So what is the service? And as I said, you're going to be, you're going to learn to become a professional S and P zero DTE options trader. I make no bones about that.