11 Whole Grain IBT Sponsored Episode Transcript
    Jim Lenz

    Grain Elevator and Processing Society is hosting our annual GEAPS Exchange Conference at the Kansas City Convention Center, February 25th through the 28th. GEAPS Exchange is the biggest and best show in the grain industry. With more than 350 exhibitors and 45 hours of education, it is the best place to find green handling and processing operation solutions all in one place.

    GEAPS Exchange brings together industry professionals from across the world to help build professional networks and connect. Products you need come walk the trade show floor and partake in live demonstrations and trainings. Learn more at GEAPS dot com slash exchange.

    Coming up is a conversation I had with a highly respected, consulted sales specialist within the green industry. We discuss how critical it is for grain industry suppliers to be innovative and future focused in nature. And suppliers need to be more than just order takers. What does that mean? And facilities need to be primed and ready to go.

    How can organizations like I B T Industrial Solutions be a key partner to prevent unexpected downtime and as a result of his communications with so many grain-based organizations and connections with grain professionals, heel share findings, and the biggest challenges, grain operation organizations are facing all that and more, let's go.

    Hey folks. Welcome to whole Grain. My name is Jim Lenz, your host and director of Training and education at GEAPS we're the mission of the Grain Elevator and Processing Society is about people and information and knowledge, and the mission of the industry is about feeding and fueling the world. Thanks for listening today and for joining the network of thousands of other grain handling and processing professionals across the globe, taking strategic steps to grow professionally.

    The Whole Grain show will give you the competitive advantage to win at work, so you can make more of an. We think I b T and JRO Solutions for sponsoring this episode of Whole Grain. When you think of IBT Industrial Solutions. Industrial parts knowledge and service come to mind. Let's find out what it takes for industry suppliers and consultants to support future focused grain operation facilities.

    All right. Today we welcome a highly experienced consultant sales professional who plays a big role in supporting the needs of grain Handling and processing facilities. JR Volcko is the outside sales specialist of IBT Industrial Solutions Jr. We welcome your perspective in the green industry and thanks for your participation with Whole Green.

    JR Volcko

    Thanks for having me. Great to be here.

    Jim Lenz

    Now to allow our listeners to get to know you a bit and to start the show with a bit of positive spirit. Could you share with our listeners a mantra or success quote that you live by Profess. Yeah,

    JR Volcko

    I have actually a couple of them. And it's minus Stay hungry. Always stay hungry.

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