FIND YOUR NICHE in Architecture says the _self-help_ guru. What a load of...
By Stephen Drew
May 7, 2022
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FIND YOUR NICHE in Architecture says the _self-help_ guru. What a load of...
Stephen Drew

Hello everyone. It's week two, week two in 2022. Oh my goodness. It's getting so busy, huh? Wow. I'm super excited because I want to bust this myth.

You think that you should find your niche? We're going to go for it, to gather in the seconds, letting everyone talk in, get your sandwich. It doesn't count as a CPD, but I'm sure you'll learn something like, all right. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Hello, everyone. My name is Stephen Drew and I'm calling and I'm calling, what am I on about?

I'm going live from the Architecture Social, and I'm just about Ghana. And I've turned that off because we're alive. We're live streaming. So no one called me at the moment. I was I'll have to cut you off, but welcome everyone. It's a Wednesday. And I'm super, super excited to talk about something which I saw online and it made me think, Hmm, I need to talk about this because how often in your searches have you heard that you need to specialize in a niche, you sat in up at business, you need that niche.

People need to remember you, you need that unique selling point. You need that skillset, which is going to differentiate you. And now it's all well and good, especially, you know, being strong in one area. However, what I've seen is people who specialize in certain sectors of architecture. It doesn't mean that necessarily they're going to get a job.

Because maybe as things change that sector or that unique skill set, that thing that they have is no longer needed and that can lead people in a stressful situation. Now I'm going to expand upon what I mean, and I've got my trusty graph. Yeah. So we'll all go through it, but here we go. I'm just going to check that everyone is logging in.

Here we go. Chris is here. Dodgy connection. All you can see is 21 while I hope it gets better in a bet. You let me know Chris, if it's still a dodgy connection and worst case, I will say it off again. All right. So we're going to keep talking in the meantime. So what are you thinking. Do you think specializing in having your niches really important?

Well, I'm going to jump straight into it and talk to you about what I see. So for anyone that's not seeing my content before I've worked in architectural recruitment for the last eight years. And what I've seen is the people who send a CV, some portfolios, and the ones that struggle to get the job interviews, as well as the ones that go through and get jobs.

Um, soon as possible, people who get the jobs, people get all the internet. So, Hey, Sean is working excellent. That is good to know. And Gregory, it's good to see you here as well. So how can, what can we learn from the people that get the jobs or do not struggle as much in between jobs? What do they have?

Well, I'm going to show you the common traits that I see and some things to think about in your career. Okay. So I've got a. I've got a graph again. I was tased by one or two friends last time, but I think it's really good to have a graph. Okay. So before we jump into it, I want you to think about, just bear with me.

You've got to humor me for a second. Okay. We're going to talk about your career. Okay. Now your career is full of many different things and I've kind of broken it down into what I think generally. When jobs come in on, when people have grease in architecture, how that's broken down, right. Well is involved in a career in architecture.