Snowballing Crypto to Financial Freedom with Jason Hitchcock
    Jason Hitchcock

    And then my friend who works in crypto? He goes, Jason, you have some ETH right. You had ETH from like last cycle. Like, what are you doing with it? What are you doing with your ETH? And I was like, what do you mean, I'm holding it? And he goes, no, what are you doing with it?

    And then I was like, are you earning interest on it? And I was like, what's interest. And, uh, and then he's like, let me show you some things. And he showed me how to borrow against my ETH, how to, put it on exchanges, how to earn yield. And the lightbulb went off. I looked at then my, my bank account and my life savings and I liquidate everything and I put it all into ETH and I'm like, let's go.

    Hello and welcome

    hello and welcome to defier the crypto storytelling podcast. That is like that good friend who lives a bit too far away. You don't hear from them every week, but when you do, you always have a great time. My name is Jonas. And today on the show, we hear the story of Jason Hitchcock.

    Even though Jason this managing a large DeFi fund now he remains somehow very relatable. He is a gifted storyteller. In this episode, he tells us the story from his startup days to being acquired by Twitch And how he was sitting depressed at home during the pandemic, working in an unfulfilling job to betting it all on crypto, like a true degen and making it big, but also losing half a million to hackers.

    This is a fast paced and interesting conversation. Jason doesn't hold back on details and specifics.

    He reveals the astonishing amount he made just by farming airdrops and shares his thoughts and tips on what he thinks is the most important for people trying to make it in DeFi. For instance, building a chat group, with your friends that have the same financial goals.

    Our conversation was recorded before the whole Terra Luna DeMarco. Just in case you're wondering, so let's jump right in after I've plugged my job board that is.

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