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    Social finance is not really a new phenomena and communities have always utilized capital to combat, uh, social, economic, or environmental crises.


    You're listening to Let's Imagine, an Imagine Canada podcast for everyone interested in social issues and the nonprofit sector. I'm your host, Bruce McDonald at Imagine Canada.

    We believe that by leveraging our national vantage point, building cross sector relationships, and sharing and developing our knowledge base, we can advance social, economic, and environmental justice through our collective action. Join us as we dive deep into conversations that have big implications for the non profit and charitable sector here in Canada.

    A special thank you to our knowledge partner, Carter's Professional Corporation. Together, let's imagine a stronger future.

    In this episode, we're going to talk about social finance and explore how organizations leverage it to help them further their missions. We have two guests on the show today to dive into this topic. Our first guest is Lina Yahia, the research lead at a new study published by Imagine Canada, which presents 22 case studies of organizations leveraging social finance.

    This project was funded by the Government of Canada through the Investment Readiness Program, commonly called IRP. An initiative by Employment and Social Development of Canada to strengthen organizations to participate in the social finance marketplace. Our second guest is Rebecca Waterhouse, principal at Raven Indigenous Outcomes Fund, a first of its kind global fund established at Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation.

    This charity, which is featured in the study, It was established to research, develop, deploy, and evaluate outcomes finance tools in collaboration with Indigenous communities to address complex community level issues. Lina and Rebecca, thank you for joining us on the podcast and welcome.


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