StoryADay Podcast episode 242- A Generative Writing Challenge
Julie Duffy

Welcome to the StoryADay podcast. This is Julie Duffy from, encouraging you to be a writer every day. Not someday. Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, Julie, here from the StoryADay podcast and this week, I want to talk to you about generating words. It's not the only part of the writing process, but,

it is the part we have to do at some point. And I'm hearing from a lot of people at the moment that they don't have anything new written, that they've been working so hard on revising stuff and sending stuff out that they don't have anything new, that they want to write something new and something's holding them back.

I think the thing that is holding them back might be lack of a deadline. So I am going to issue one today and I invite you all to consider joining in this little mini challenge that I make going to issue. I think, you know, we were between StoryADay challenges, the was September then NaNoWriMo happens in November and there's this outpouring of a new term that I've come across in the past year of, so is this term generative?

I'm seeing a lot of generative writing workshops and I was like, what is that? Pretty obvious. So I'm assuming that a generative writing workshop is what we do here at StoryADay during the challenge. It is not so much about learning the craft by being taught by someone or, you know, going to a class to learn how to do dialogue or character development or arcs or how to submit.

It's about actually sitting down in real time and generating stories. And that is something that I have always encouraged here. So I'm going to start using the term generative writing challenges. And that's what I'm going to issue this week. I've talked a lot about mindset recently. Hopefully you're in a place where you believe you have a right to write and if not go back and listen to some of those those podcasts, not gonna repeat myself. This week, I would like to issue this challenge for you to start

and finish something this week. And it's hard to decide what to write about, because you could write about anything and if you don't have a themed anthology that you're writing for, then it could be very difficult to come up with something when you could write about anything. So I'm going to encourage you to go and grab a copy of the

StoryADay short story framework. If you already have it on your hard drive somewhere, just searched for the word framework and PDF and I'm sure it'll pop up. If you don't have it. Come over to / framework. I will have it sent to you. And the idea is that I have this kind of Madlibs, fill in the blanks framework that you can use to brainstorm stories.

You can do it before you start. You don't need to fill in the whole thing before you start writing. You can fill in just enough to get you going. And you can actually fill in different versions of it. You can start just with the first two lines , you know, find your character, think about characters you might want to write about and something they might want they might care about.

And then, you know, get a setting. Is it going to be contemporary realistic? Is it going to be futuristic? Is it going to be fantasy? And then come up with the very first thing that they do, the first action they take to get on the path to realizing their desire. If you've seen the short story framework before, you know what I'm talking about, if not gone, grab a copy now.

So I'll give you an example of what I'm doing and the challenge I'm going to issue is for you to use this framework in the next 48 hours to generate a whole bunch of ideas of stories that you could write about. And then. And start writing and try and get to the end of the story by Thursday, and then fill in the framework again with what you actually wrote.

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